Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feed Blog Posts to Twitter

Some time ago, I implemented a process by which every blog post on New Ideas Welcome will feed automatically to @LoveANewIdea on Twitter. My problem is, I recently had to do this again for a different blog/Twitter account, and couldn't remember how! I also can't remember which feed tool I used for this blog, so couldn't undo this process even if I wanted to! Yikes.

Usually, when I do some technical process like this, I write a Tech Tip post, so I can remember how to do it the next time it's needed. Since I didn't do it before, I'm doing it now. Here's the process I just used when I needed to create a Blog-to-Twitter feed:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Sign Up and input requested info
  3. Back on your own blog, on the right side of your top toolbar, you should see an orange RSS feed button. Click on this and the RSS feed URL should appear in the address bar (this URL will look different from your regular blog URL). Copy this address.
  4. Back on, give your feed a name of your choosing, like Personal Blog.
  5. Next, paste in the RSS feed URL.
  6. You'll then be given options for where you want this feed posted. Click on Twitter.
  7. Authenticate your Twitter account by inputting the requested info, and click on Allow.
  8. Click on Create Service, then All Done

Voila! Your new blog posts will now automatically be tweeted through your selected Twitter account. You techie, you!

PS You can also feature a feed of your recent Tweets in your blog. To do this, just go to your Layout and click on Add a Gadget. In the search box, write Twitter. Many options will appear...just pick one you like. You'll have a few customization options, like how many Tweets should appear at any time, etc. Pretty easy.


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