Monday, September 7, 2015

Alphabet of Daily Life - L

L is for Lists

Does everyone live by making lists? I'm not sure if this is a universal habit among adult humans or just a Virgo thing. Personally, I don't see how I could get through daily life without a list of

  • a to-do list
  • a grocery list
  • a list of chapters for my book
  • a list of other books to write after my first one gets published
  • a list of places to travel to
  • a list of projects to complete at work, especially "top priority" ones
The "list" goes on. For me, lists accomplish a couple of things:

  1. They organize a project or a day (or a life): my lists begin by just putting lots of random, related items down on paper. Once visible on the page, it's an easy task to put them into some type of order, such as a time sequence for accomplishing, or grouped by subject category, etc. It's then a matter of just "working the list" to get things done.
  2. They offer a sense of accomplishment: it's a very satisfying feeling to cross something off the list. And to have an entirely crossed off list is something good indeed.
This is a travel list I'm currently building. I determined that I want to take at least 3 vacations per year: 1 to the Cape, 1 to a US locale, and 1 overseas trip. I'm in the midst of planning the Florida Keys trip; it will be me, my daughter, my sister, her daughter, and our niece - all driving the Keys from Miami to Key West and back again. We'll hopefully also get in a quick visit to The Everglades, as riding a fan boat is on one of my lists!
Recently, my daughter, who has been groomed in my list-making mentality, suggested we help each other develop lists of our big and little victories in life. These types of lists are used to remind ourselves of what we're doing right when we're feeling down. We did so, and were quite pleased with our results. It's very compelling to see this list of accomplishments written on a page; you should give it a try (and get someone to help you - they sometimes remember things you don't and can be much more generous than you might be for yourself). We'll keep adding to our lists, but so far, mine includes:

  • Broke the poverty cycle
  • Brought up a citizen of the world
  • Developed a successful career
  • Became a gourmet cook
  • Earned a Master's degree
  • Able to consistently run a 5K (at least 3 times per week)
  • Bought my own house
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Paid off my student loans (woohoo!)
  • Helped put my daughter through college
  • Traveled outside the country (a life-long dream)
  • Took an epic road trip (with my daughter, from MA to Yellowstone in WY, and back again)
  • Bought a brand new car (my hybrid)
  • Climbed Pikes Peak (twice)
  • Spoke successfully to an audience of 600+, and also served as emcee

I also came across this interesting List, which is a "just for fun" type of list, featuring tidbits about TV Chef Ree Drummond, whom I greatly admire.

Do you live by lists? I simply must know.

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