Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Count Your OWN Blog Visits

Ever since I added a BlogPatrol visitor counter to my blog, which I love, I've still been a bit frustrated with the counter...

Every time I visit my own blog, which can sometimes be multiple times a day if I'm editing, changing photos, etc, I add another count to my visitor counter. Which means I'm not really counting just visitors (since I'm the most frequent visitor!!).

Then, one day, I was helping my daughter add a visitor counter to her own blog, and as I was helping her through the various BlogPatrol screens, I noticed something I'd missed before:

You can "Ban Home IP" on your counter, which means visits from your own computer will not be counted. Wooo-hooo - great news. If I turn this on, then my own visits to my own blog won't be counted.

But, wait a do I know what my IP adress is? Ah, there is another thing I never noticed before...a handy dandy "Get My IP" button, which automatically detects the IP address of the computer I'm working on.

Well, now both of these buttons have been activated, and my visitor counter should be much more accurate. (I know that's a huge relief to everyone!)


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