Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hallmark Ornaments

You know, I can't say that I was ever a dedicated fan of Hallmark, or its ornaments. That is, until one year when I saw one advertised in our local paper that suited either me or my daughter to a tee; I really can't even remember which ornament it was, but I DO recall that the ad is what got me into the store and over to the ornament area.

After that one trip, it was all over for me.I've been hooked on Hallmark Christmas ornaments ever since, and set aside a momentous shopping day to make my pilgrimage to choose the new annual ornament.

Pictured on the right is my absolute favorite, a miniature refrigerator. It's as cute as could be on the outside, with the calendar on the side, a checked dishcloth hanging on the front, and children's artwork and alphabet letters on the door.

But it's the inside that is the real star of the show. First of all, when you open up the bottom of the fridge, the light comes on! (You have to be very careful to close the door snugly or the batteries die and the light goes out; last Christmas all our visitors were looking inside the fridge, and someone must have left it slightly ajar.)

Inside is an entire holiday meal, including a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, a casserole, jello(!), apple and pumkin pie, egg nog and champagne. There's also milk, cream, and butter, and something that could be jellied cranberry sauce.

Then in the freezer, along with the freezer paper-wrapped bundles, ice cube trays, and ice build-up, is an adorable miniature snowman! He has a black top hat, carrot nose, coal eyes, and a red scarf.

I have other favorites - sometime I'll tell you about my miniature airstream, complete with pull-out canopy!

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