Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Lights Upstairs!

(I mean this literally, not figuratively...)

We came home tonight at 5:00 and noticed that the upstairs window candle, which should turn on automatically at 4:00, wasn't on? Hmmmm. I went upstairs and flipped on the light switch in my daughter's room, where the candle is in the window, and her light didn't come on.

Well, I figured we somehow blew a fuse, although not sure when that could have happened - everything was fine when we left the house this morning.

Anyway, I made a beeline for the breaker box in the basement, clambering over various items in my path along the way. Breaker #14 says it's for the upstairs lights. That switch didn't look like it was in a different position from any of the others? Well, I tried clicking it full off, then full on, but it didn't "click" like it normally would. It felt kind of "soft"?

End result - we currently don't have electricity upstairs at all! This affects the lights in our rooms, closets, and the bathroom, the alarm clocks, the iron, blow dryer, and straightener. Aaaaggghh - how will we get ready in the morning! Well, let's hope I can find the number for the electrician and see if someone can come SOON!

Follow up note: Click here to read "the rest of the story."

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