Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

You've probably seen this meme on other blogs...posts containing 25 random tidbits about the blog author.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged, and come up with your own 25 items. In the Comments at the end of this post, just paste a link to your blog so we can read YOUR 25 Things. Or, if you don't have a blog, feel free to write your 25 Things right in the Comment box.

My 25 Random Things:

  1. I was a Sergeant by the time I was discharged from the Army; I was very proud of those "hard stripes."
  2. Out of the 9 children in my family, I'm smack dab in the middle.
  3. I've been to 49 out of 50 states...still need to get to Alaska. When I'm there, I want to try the Sailor Boy Pilot Bread.
  4. As an art major, I used to be able to draw and paint fairly well; I haven't tried it in quite some time, so I'm not sure if I still have the ability?
  5. I painted the outside of my house myself, even as my knees were trembling while I climbed the aluminum extension ladder up to the peak - it's higher up than one might think!
  6. I collect cookbooks, but they MUST have pictures. Really love my Patio Daddy-O cookbook...a gift from my daughter, who knows me well!
  7. I would like to write a book (or 2 or 3).
  8. I love techie things, like hardware, software, killer apps, gadgets, widgets, and other geek t-shirts that light up when they detect a wireless signal.
  9. I actually enjoy public speaking. My biggest audience was around 800, and I loved it!
  10. There's nothing quite so exciting as a good booming thunderstorm; they're especially memorable down South.
  11. I've never been to a foreign country (shocking, I know).
  12. It would be fun to live in a little apartment above a store in San Francisco's Chinatown.
  13. I'm not bad at DDR, for a mom. Supernova: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" or "Turn on the Music"...yeah!
  14. I like visiting other people whose houses are not absolutely spic and span - seems like there's a little less pressure to be perfect there.
  15. Warner Oland was the BEST Charlie Chan; the others that came after were just interlopers.
  16. I can proudly say "I was there" about Obama's historic Inauguration.
  17. Public transportation systems in big cities seem rather intimidating, which is odd for me since I tend to be a risk taker.
  18. Aspirin and aloe vera can cure just about any ailment.
  19. I don't mind talking with strangers at all, and often strike up conversations when I'm some place new. Usually, they'll talk right back.
  20. I love making and eating good food. When dining on something too divine (like the Lobster Tiffany at The Ebb Tide Restaurant in Dennisport), I've been known to emit quite audible and absolutely involuntary sighs of bliss, so I usually warn my dining companions in advance so they won't be put off by it.
  21. There's nothing quite so comforting as the taste, smell, and feel of a cup of hot tea in a white buffalo china mug with a slice of lemon floating on top and steam rising up.
  22. Beets, asparagus, and brussels sprouts are FAN-tastic.
  23. I love ultra-soft fabrics in shirts, socks, blankets, sheets - you name it.
  24. Making lists is such a reasonable way to organize life...I wonder why EVERYONE doesn't do it?
  25. I've tried skeet shooting, and actually hit my targets. Pull!

What are your 25 Random Things?

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Blair said...

I've seen these popping up on Facebook! Very fun.

I love a few of your random things, like the one about thunderstorms. (You're right though, they're much better in the South!) And I think it would be wonderful to live in San Francisco, especially Chinatown! I stayed in a little boutique hotel a few blocks from there and it was wonderful--one of my favorite vacations ever.

Loveanewidea said...

A kindred spirit who also likes thunderstorms! One of my best times in a thunderstorm was at the TOP of Monument Mountain in the Berkshires with 4 friends - we were drenched, had ditched our picnic baskets while scrambling down the soggy mountain, and were drinking wine straight from the bottle!

Love, love, love San Francisco's Chinatown. I of the best vacations ever.

Now, where are your 25 Random Things?

Zenith said...

Here's my (long) list:

1. I have a blog.

2. Peace is a fad now. I’d like to say I liked it before it was one, but that obviously doesn’t make sense! It’s not something like platform shoes, where it’s out and then it’s popular again. It’s just that now, everybody wears peace sign shirts and things, which is great, but I think a lot of people are missing the point. It’s not about the symbol, it’s about actually finding peace in your life. I’m working on that.

3. My phone is almost always on silent, so I never hear it.

4. I try not to care what people think about me; not enough to let their opinions interfere with my own growth as a person.

5. I don’t want to declare a religion, hopefully ever. I’d rather have a mixture of beliefs that all make sense to me. It’s working so far.

6. I like pretty much everybody. Seriously.

7. I want to delete like half the songs on my iPod but haven’t done it because I’ll have half as many songs (obviously). And that will be sad.

8. I have two cats and two fish.

9. I think the Berkshires are beautiful whenever I come home to them, but I love to travel, and I don’t think I want to live here when I grow up because I want to see new places throughout my whole life.

10. My life plans change often. :] As they should.

11. I love to give people compliments, but I can be awkward when receiving them. When somebody says something sweet, sometimes I don’t know how to show them how much I appreciate it.

12. I have actually, literally danced in the rain, and loved it.

13. I love winter.

14. Seeing emails from colleges in my inbox makes me happy, because it helps me remember there are so many options outside of high school. It’s a good way to put things in perspective.

15. I just reached my monthly texting limit. Oops.

16. I don’t agree that copying is a form of flattery. I know it’s true, because I copy others when I admire them. But it’s really annoying the rest of the time.

17. I don’t know how I feel about change. I am pretty used to it, and I especially love being in new places. Small changes usually bother me; like a new washing machine in somebody’s house, because it doesn’t make the same noise I’m used to. But big changes don’t bother me quite so much.

18. I love my grandparent very much, and I love and appreciate my parents more than they realize.

19. I'm in Best Buddies and LOVE IT.

20. My iPod is named Orchid. This is a recent development.

21. I always wanted a punch buggy. Now I want a jeep, and I want to know enough about cars to be able to make some repairs myself.

22. I think everyone is good deep down and has good intentions.

23. I am an on and off vegetarian. The longest I've been a vegetarian for is four years. Right now, I am off.

24. My hair is naturally indecisive. It's mostly wavy, but sometimes straight and sometimes curly, and usually different all over. I let my friends cut my hair at 1 a.m. on New Year's Day, and now I have this akward chunk of realllly short hair in the middle of my head. Haha.

25. I. Love. Hugs.

Loveanewidea said...

Thank you for adding your these!

Blair said...

Oooh! Getting caught in the rain can be the best or the worst, depending on what you make of it! But scrambling down a hill with a wine bottle in tow sure makes it better!

I haven't made up my mind whether or not I'm going to do the 25 things list yet. I usually love these things, but I don't know if I can even think of 25 interesting things about myself! haha...

Amanda D Allen said...

What kind of book would you write? I would want to write a coming of age book for young readers. They have always been my favorite.

Loveanewidea said...

I would like to write a book about my gypsy life growing up and traveling the US - people always say I should when they hear the story. I also think about writing about the world of business from an insider/female perspective.

On the coming of age books, we've purchased several and my daughter really likes reading them and finds them that she especially liked was called "Soul Secrets."

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to stumble upon :3 It probably won't ever be seen, but hey I'll share it anyways.

1. I can have a wee bit of a tough exterior (my closet is like looking into a black hole with maybe a shirt of two that actually have color), but in honesty I'm a big softy. The only people that seem to see it first is kids though, for some reason.

2. I feel awkward holding babies. Only people babies though, newborn puppies, kittens, rats, etc don't bother me. You'd think being a teenage girl I'd be like cookies and cream with them, but they're so...weird .__.

3. My name means "made of gold" in Turkish. My mother found it in a book.

4. Speaking of books, I love them. With a good one I've come to love, I can sit down and devour it in less than a day. And be sad afterward because it's over.

5. I like to garden. Not the part where I have to pull weeds, but the part when I plant something and watch it grow with my help.

6. I can't swim. My older sister tried to teach me how to by throwing me off a dock, and it only made things worse. Now I like to just sit on the beach under a tree and out of the sun.

7. I'm a total nerd. I collect old pokemon games and play them, fixing them when they stop working up to par.

8. I'm not really religious, but it doesn't bother me when other people are. It just personally makes me feel awkward when people put so much faith into something that isn't tangible. But that's just me :3

9. I'm smart and do well in school, but I'm lazy and get by with Bs and Cs thrown in with my As because it's easy. Sometimes I apply myself though, and I do well. I don't quite understand why I don't do it all the time though.

10. I'm weird in the way that I have to take care of someone, but I also want to be taken care of. It scared a lot of people away from me, but at least I know the ones that stuck around aren't leaving any time soon.

11. I have literally burnt cereal. I am that bad at cooking. Except for French Toast, which I make really well.

12. It's pouring outside, and I can't wait to go jump in puddles.

13. I can jump in puddles because I wear boots every day. One of my main reasons for continuing to wear boots is so that I can jump in puddles.

14. I love having shopping cart races with my mom. She's thankful that I am just under an inch shorter than her, at 5'2".

15. I don't live with my parents anymore, but my pride won't let me go back even though I'm over my little 17 year old rebellion.

16. I have a black dog that I cover in bandanas. Her name is Daisy, and she thinks she is a lap dog when she's not.

17.I'm going to cut this short, because I have to leave. Sorry!


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