Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogger Help Needed!

Being fairly new to blogging, I'm still learning "The Rules."

As any blogger knows, one of the especially fun aspects of publishing posts is receiving positive comments from visitors from throughout the world. Likewise, it's nice to be the one leaving the comment too. So, here's where blogger help is needed.

What is the proper netiquette for responding to comments?

So far, I've seen it handled in two different ways:

  1. The blogger who received the comment responds on their own blog, below the visitors comment (this is the method I usually use).
  2. The blogger visits the blog of the commenter and leaves a comment there (I don't normally use this method, but it is really nice to have the commentee visit and leave a note on my site).

So, is there a generally accepted or preferred method?

I only ask because I want to be sure I'm not inadvertently breaching the rules of netiquette. I'm posting a poll in the sidebar and I hope you'll vote on your preference. I'll publish poll results after the 30-day voting period is done. Thank you in advance for helping me "get it right."


Zoya said...

I say leave them on both. We all like comments - so more is better right?

Loveanewidea said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting...much appreciated! And, I tried your suggestion and am commenting here, and also stopped by your blog...nice blog!

Zoya said...

Thanks for the look - And I guess I better vote!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I generally reply to comments on my blog(s). But if I find a new commenter then I'll go to their site and (if I like the site and content) then I'll leave comments there --but only about their post.

I'll also see who's been visiting my blog(s) lately and how they got there. And again, if their site is interesting, I'll leave comments --but only "on topic".

Oh, and I'll only leave smart-assed comments on sites that I know for certain the owner knows that I'm a smart-assed jerk :)

Blair said...


I love getting comments too! So I like to comment on the other person's blog about one of their posts that I like or find interesting.

Although, if someone comments on my blog and they've asked a question or I feel like I should respond, then I may write a comment on my own blog.

There's no "right" answer, so I say, go with your gut! In general people usually appreciate a comment or a response!

Loveanewidea said...

Alaskan Dave-
Hmmm...I don't think you've ever left a fresh comment on my blog! You're overall tone is funny, helpful, and just a bit irreverent.

I'm thinking it would have been good to allow voters to choose more than one option on the poll - most people are saying what you say - both.

Amanda D Allen said...

My rule of thumb is to keep the comments attached to the post they relate to. So I respond to comments on my own blog. When I get comments from someone who I don't recognize, I make a point to go to their blog to check it out. If I have comments on their content, I'll be sure to leave it there on their blog.

Loveanewidea said...

Thanks for helping me out with this. I'm definitely seeing a trend, and I'm thinking I'll create a follow-up post using everyone's comments.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

You're overall tone is funny, helpful, and just a bit irreverent.

Gee, I'm kinda that way in real life. Who'd a thunk it?


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