Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alphabet of Daily Life - E

E is for Electronics...

As you might guess from the recent e-Addictions post, we looooooove our electronic gadgets. Here's a little ditty that could be considered our theme song:

The things we find we just can't go without are:
  • computer (mine)
  • laptop (my daughter's, although I wish it were mine)
  • digital cameras
  • cell phones
  • iPods
  • flash drives (we use our flash drives constantly and usually have them with us wherever we go).
Then, of course, there are all the individual chargers, car chargers, universal charger, adapters and transmitters (that's the basket full of tangled wires) that are part and parcel of keeping all of these things alive. And, the battery charger and rechargeable batteries (because digital cameras seem to eat batteries for breakfast).

Last but not least is access to the Internet. I know this may cause fainting, but we only switched from dial-up to cable wireless a few months ago! And, we only did that because my computer was out of commission and the laptop needed wireless. So, I bit the bullet and had wireless cable access set up. We're so glad we did...we feel like we came into this century and have such fast Internet speed, which makes blogging a possibility. Not to mention that we can also answer our land line now when we're online. Soooo 21st C.

Now, to make a decision about the TV (we only get one channel - abc - because we don't have cable). It has rabbit ears, and if it's raining or snowing or the neighbor is revving his engine, forget it - no TV for a while. But we'll save that decision for another post.


Greg said...

I love all gadgets

Loveanewidea said...

A fellow techie! Have you seen the gadgets and gear available at ThinkGeek.com? It's one of my favorite geek shops...


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