Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vacation Planning

It's interesting how vacation planning really gets me through the year. I like everything about it...choosing a location, planning itineraries, budgeting, searching for restaurants to try...everything. In fact, thinking about this week that we go away is what I daydream about whenever things get really stressful and it calms me right down.

We try to spend one summer at the Cape and then the following summer somewhere else that we haven't been before. However, with the advent of our Fresh Air Child visiting for a week, this has modified our plans for the last couple of years.

Last summer was our week at the Cape. We usually go to an adorable little cottage in Dennisport, which we've stayed in for years. The nearby beach is Inman, where it's quiet and friendly, and the water is calm. We've enjoyed ourselves there and know our way around fairly well.

One of our day trips this past year was to White Crest Beach, along the national seashore. We happened to get there just when waves were at their peak, and the beach was packed with surfers. We spent the day boogie boarding. We were exhausted at the end of the day (especially when we had to climb back up that sand MOUNTAIN to get from the beach to the parking lot), but had the best time ever. We've used boogie boards at Inman Beach, but we usually just float on them or use them to keep our collected shells while we wade around in the water. But our experience at White Crest Beach was "real" boogie boarding. An exhilerating eye-opener.

We're going back to the Cape again this year, and want to spend most of our time at or near White Crest Beach. So, we're in the midst of trying to find a reasonably priced cottage somewhere nearby. I've seen a few, and am juggling various options - close to the beach, wifi availability, size, the adorableness factor, the setting, and, of course, within our budget.

If anyone knows of a fabulous and affordable cottage near White Crest Beach off of Ocean View Drive, please let me know!


Greg said...

I love the Cape, I was living there when I had my accident. I have been back a few times, I miss my house on the pond!

Nice blog you have here!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

your sidebar question is a bit like intentions....although I might have a preferred method of responding to a visitor comment....I often backed up and my responses to comments often go the same route as good intentions...unless of course a reader asks a direct question, then I do my darnest to reply and answer the question....often going to their blog or sending an email....

i love the has been way too long since we've been there...when we lived in ct of course we went a few times a year (my favorite times were off season and late winter really rocks) but we've going on 12 years in cleveland and haven't been back since moving here....wah.... but then have been other can't complain!

Cape Crusader said...

Try for all the best Cape Cod vacation rentals.
Hope this helps,

Loveanewidea said...

Great to hear from you, and CONGRATULATIONS on being Blog of Note...a huge and well-deserved honor. I've enjoyed viewing your blog, and became a follower today!

At the Cape, what pond were you on? I must confess, we haven't done much inland exploring and haven't been to the bay side. Our time is so short and we spend every minute we can on the ocean side or visiting our favorite haunts.

I can imagine that you might get backed up with comment responses - you have such a popular blog and receive so many comments.

About the cape - did you ever do the sand mountain at White Crest? When we first realized we had to climb UP it, with all of our gear - beach umbrella, picnic basket, blanket, towels, chairs - we were laughing so hard we could barely walk; it was just such a ridiculously bad situation that we were bent double with laughter even as we climbed/slid backward in the sand.

Cape Crusader-
Yay...I love to hear from someone "in the know"! I've checked out your website and blog, and think I'll refer to much of your info during our planning. Thanks for the tip and the link!


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