Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sanguine Sangria

We have a new favorite thank-God-it's-Friday-it's-been-one-helluva-week's a Mexican restaurant called Xicohtencatl and is pronounced she-ko-ten-cat.

It's in Gt. Barrington, which is a bit of a drive for us, but a pleasant one, especially in spring when everything is fresh and green and the tourists have not yet descended.

The decor is bright and excitingly ethnic with lots of color everywhere, and the Mexican music in the background adds to the light and festive mood. The outside seating is delightful - either on the the porch or down on the stone patio. We sat inside when it was still chilly in March, but were thrilled to be able to sit out on the porch this time, watching the setting sun. The porch ceiling above our heads was painted fuschia and orange, while the walls and porch posts are bright yellow.

On both of our visits, I've ordered the red sangria. Let me tell you how it tastes. For anyone who's seen the movie "The Big Night," you'll recall that Italian restaurant owners Primo and Secondo decided to hold a final dinner party with their dearest friends, and made one of their mother's very special recipes. The guests sat around the table, quietly savoring the delectable food...the best they'd ever tasted. Finally, one of the guests, Pascal (a jealous competitor), solemnly arose, walked slowly around the table toward chef Primo, took Primo's face in his hands and said in a husky voice, "God damn it, I should kill you! This is so f***ing good I should kill you!"

Yeah, the sangria tastes like that.

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Kelly said...

That must be some pretty tasty sangria. Hope you didn't murder anyone over it. ;)

LoveANewIdea said...

No...the sangria makes me pretty mellow! If you haven't seen The Big Night, I highly recommend it. It's one of my foodie favorites.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the recommend, I'll see if I can locate a copy somewhere. I always appreciate movie recommendations, especially ones that I wouldn't normally consider. Usually find some hidden gems that way!

Kate ( said...

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LoveANewIdea said...

Kate @ UrbanSpoon-
Thanks for the heads up...I took a look and feel very excited!! Gives me a good excuse to visit another restaurant and write a review.


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