Monday, October 27, 2008

A Mortgage Miracle

As I was doing my 3 miles uphill on the treadmill today at Planet Fitness, I heard the most wonderfull news story on CNN:

A woman named Tracy Orr was in the midst of losing her home to foreclosure. During the auction, a woman named Marilyn Mock saw Orr crying. She asked Orr what was wrong, and Orr told her that it was her home that was being foreclosed. Mock made the winning bid during the auction. She then turned to Orr and gave her back the home she'd just purchased for a little less than $30,000 (exact details of the deal are in process as I write). Orr at first stared in disbelief - how could a stranger do such a selfless (and expensive) thing? Orr was overcome with tears, emotion, and thankfulness, especially when Mock told Orr she could move right back into her home. Orr sincerely hopes she'll be able to pay it forward.

When asked why she did this, Mock replied, "Because people need to help each other. That's all there is to it."

Amen to that - and thanks, Marilyn Mock, for helping a fellow human being in such a remarkable way and for adding greatly to the plus side of the universal tally sheet!

(Photo Credit: WFAA-TV)


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