Saturday, March 7, 2009

Found a Cape Cottage

Sand dune leading to the private beach. The rolling Atlantic.

Yahoo - our search for a cottage near Wellfleet's White Crest Beach on Cape Cod been a success!

Kitchen Exterior view (is this the front or the back?) The deck

We were fortunate to discover three Ocean View Cottages, which we've driven by in the past, with an available week that suited our schedule! We're all booked, and this is the one we'll be staying in for the week starting July 4th (photos are from the Ocean View Cottage website).

The three houses sit between Ocean View Drive and the rolling Atlantic. They have their own private beach, and White Crest is a short stroll along the National Seashore.

We won't need to lug as much to the beach this year, because we'll be able to go back to the cottage any time during the day for food, drinks, or anything else we need. And, we'll be closer to P-Town, so maybe we can spend more than just one day there shopping and people-watching. Can't wait!

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