Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Is there anything better in the world that a cup of hot tea with fresh lemon?
Every once in a while, a glorious thing happens...we get a Saturday (or sometimes a whole weekend) on which nothing has been scheduled and there's nowhere we need to be. The day is ours to use as we will, which is such a delightful prospect.

Today is just such a day. Here's how we ended up using this lazy Saturday:
  • Woke up late - 10:00! It's so nice to just sleep until we're no longer tired (a very rare occurrence).
  • Read the paper; laughed out loud at's always right on the money about life with a teenager.
  • Discussed how we might re-arrange the living room once the wallpaper is stripped and the room is painted the new green color we chose, and what furniture to keep, give away, or replace with something new. Daughter gets the nicely-shaped curvy corner table to refurbish to her heart's delight - she's decided to collage it, which is her special talent.
  • Brunch - buttermilk waffles (from the freezer) with blueberry syrup (from Big Lots, one of our favorite bargain shops) and hot tea (I'm currently trying Newman's Own Organic Royal Tea) in our Entering Provincetown mug.
  • Decided that today is the momentous day that the living room project will begin. Photographed living room to document the before and after look.
  • Daughter went to dad's to stay overnight.
  • Blogged for a while - checked my stats counter to see how many visitors stopped by, read and responded to any comments, and read the new posts of the Blogs I Learn From. Last night's visitors came from Australia, Tanzania, Maine, and Missouri. Also checked into Twitter and posted a Tweet...discovered 2 new followers added during the night, which brings me to 94.
  • Watched a little bit of a Netflix - "Mostly Martha"; tried to watch "Grapes of Wrath" but the DVD is unplayable (this is a replacement DVD for the first one that was unplayable). It turns out that "Mostly Martha" is the same movie as "No Reservations," which I just finished, but it's in German and with different actors. Who knew?
  • Moved furniture (listening to the iPod for extra energy) from living room into dining room...this will be our temporary living room while we're working on the remodel.
  • Prepped living room for messy wallpaper removal, and scored paper.
  • Thawed chicken for dinner, and made chicken parm with angel hair.
  • Relaxed for the rest of the evening!


Beth said...

sounds like a perfect day. I hope your living room project comes out well. I'm looking forward to the before and after pictures.

Loveanewidea said...

I'll be sure to do before and after shots. Remodeling our house is one of my favorite activities, and my daughter loves the results. She helped with planning out and redoing her own room not long ago.


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