Saturday, April 18, 2009

iPod Songs: One Love

The story behind the song...

Every time "One Love" pops up on my iPod, I am immediately transported back to Washington, DC. Here's what I'm seeing in my mind:

It's the day before Obama's historic Inauguration, and we're walking along the National Mall, near the Smithsonian Castle. It's very chilly but intermittently sunny, and as we stroll, we're marveling at the endless rows of port-a-pottys. There are thousands of bundled up people around us, who have traveled here from all over America, and even from other countries.

We've just finished a delicious snack inside the warm and bustling Castle, after triumphantly finding our way to the Mall on the crowded Metro. After eating, we feel refreshed and begin scoping out where we hope we'll stand during the big event (we didn't end up standing there - see the Inauguration posts to find out why).

At regular intervals along the Mall, we see crazy big trucks with massive TV screens, which we hear others call "Jumbotrons." Next to each screen is a tall crane, dangling sets of 16 huge speakers all connected to each other.

On the Jumbotrons and speakers we see and hear the special event that had taken place at the Lincoln Memorial the day before...speeches, songs, etc. Soon, someone appeared on the screen (I learned later that it was an entertainer named singing a Bob Marley song that went like this:
One love. One heart.
Let's get together and feel alright.

When this song began, people all around us started singing, and if they didn't know the words, they started dancing together. We hugged, and tried to learn the words. It was such a beautiful moment of group happiness...I can't remember another time in my life when I've been in a similar situation - thousands of people all happy at the exact same moment and sharing that feeling with everyone around them. I know it sounds corny, but the moment made me cry because it was so beautiful.

So, when "One Love" pops up on my iPod, back I go to Washington, with a smile of happiness on my lips. As my daughter and her friends say, "Good times."


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

If I had been anywhere near the area (like, maybe, oh, perhaps the same hemisphere) I'dve been there! Lucky you, good on ya mate.

Kelly said...

Isn't it wonderful that you were able to be there for that special day? You were certainly a part of a special moment in history.

Oh, and since reading this post this morning, I've had a particular song stuck in my head all day.

LoveANewIdea said...

I think it would have been right up your alley - happy people, good food, photo opps everywhere! It was just such an all-around fantastic time, and we are so glad we could go.

I'm happy my daughter will have this as part of her important memories. Also - are we going to get to read about the song that's stuck in your head?

Kelly said...

Ummm...The Simpsons Theme?
No, it was One Love. ;)


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