Sunday, April 5, 2009

Living Room Makeover - Ceiling Painting

I don't know about you, but the ceiling is one of my least favorite steps in a remodeling project. It's just so hard to reach and always requires lots of bending backwards and uncHalf way there!omfortable reaches. So, it gives me great pleasure to be able to say - the living room celing is DONE!

Here was today's project list:

  • First, of course, came the TSP, which serves as a cleaner and deglosser. I used the long-handled mop to make the job easier!
  • Then, it was rinsed well with plain water to remove all the TSP, again using the mop.
  • Then, time to "cut in" the white paint all around the perimeter with a 3" brush...this was a good leg and arm workout going up and down the ladder and moving the ladder around the room.
  • Next, I screwed the broom handle into the paint roller, and put on the first coYes, our drop cloth is zebra striped...isn't everyone's?at of paint.
  • After a few hours for drying, it was time to "cut in" all the way around again, followed by the second coat.

The end result looks great - what a difference the white makes. For some reason, past owners left all of the ceilings in the house a dingy beige color, and we've been steadily working to eradicate it, room by room. Once the white goes on, it makes such a stark contrast to the beige. The living room ceiling is now sparkly bright and fresh.

Next step will be spackling and priming the walls (nothing like the Easter deadline to make me get this done)...

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