Monday, April 13, 2009

Lotsa Cooks in the Kitchen

The loaded buffet table - everyone's favorite is always the biscuits & gravy.
Hurrah - the living room painting was finished in time for Easter, and the furniture moved back into the room. We were quite pleased with the results and had plenty of oohs and ahs from guests.

There will be a before and after post on the remodel coming soon (although I inadvertently deleted the entire before photo folder, and have only a few shots of the original room scattered through other folders). It was a fairly big and time-consuming project, but we're so glad it's done and really like the end result.

Having the living room put back in order also meant the dining room was back to normMy brother Bob and niece Jessie cooking...Bob is trying to flip the so the Easter buffet could be set up as we usually do. (The dining room had served as our temporary living room during this whole process.)

And, as mentioned in the Easter Brunch post, guests were invited to make their own omelets. We simply set out all the ingredients and let them do their thing. Eveyone seemed to like this option quite a bit, and just about everyone made one, kids included (and no mishaps of any kind!).

PS Flipping an omelet is much harder than one might imagine.


Kelly said...

Dang it! I took my own advice and ate before I read your follow-up post, but man - those cupcakes sent me right back to the land of hungry. I shall soon be deeming your blog hazardous to my health. (Or perhaps it's just a bad case of envy, since I can't cook anywhere near as good as you seem to be able to.)

Well done on the living room, can't wait to see those remodelling before and afters!

LoveANewIdea said...

The cupcakes were supposed to be mango, but I couldn't find mango nectar in any of our local stores. Soooo...I opted for peach instead, and also added chopped peaches to the batter. They ended up being a hit, and I love any excuse to use the tiered cupcake display!

Kelly said...

Mango nectar, chopped peaches, batter...stop it stop it stop it!!

I do love those tiered cupcake displays. I have a platter-like one, but I'm afraid it's filled with fabric cupcakes, as real ones wouldn't last long enough in this house to actually make any kind of display.

Alaska-womom said...

Love the idea of having guests make their own omlets. What a great idea. I bet that would also work with a pizza party.
Take heart, I've deleted entire folders too--it hurts but you recover.
Oh-We are going to repaint and all your tips will be employed! Thanks!
Write ON,

LoveANewIdea said...

Last year we did FANCY egg decorating (ala Martha Stewart) and it was a hit. But I decided I couldn't be so elaborate this year due to the remodeling, so the omelet project was a good back-up option. Everyone really enjoyed it and all participated. I think I'll do it again.

And, like you, I've thought the same idea would work well for a pizza party - nothing like some good dough tossing!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The omelets looked to be a great hit. I was going to mention about how easy they are to flip in a wok, and then I saw the pic of an omelette (sp???) being flipped in a wok. I think woks are the best way to cook omelet.

LoveANewIdea said...

Can you believe, not one of us totally and comletely flipped one? I think there's a timidity about spattering eggs everywhere. We tried, but always stopped short of getting the thing completely flipped. Well, I think I'll keep trying myself, until I can do it.


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