Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creating "I Like" Books

Writing the post on "The Wish List" reminded me of the "I Like" books my daughter and I decided to create.

We wanted to make sure we focused on the things we really enjoyed about daily life, including all of the little things which sometimes get overlooked. So, based on the format of "The Wish List," we bought journals that appealed to our own personalities (mine is on the right), and began to list things we like.

We started just about a year ago, and in my journal, I'm up to 599 things! The items we include on our lists are really any little thing we enjoy, or remember enjoying in the past. And, these are the things that usually don't carry a big pricetag. Then, when we need a refresher on how many great things are going on in our lives, we just read our lists.

It's also quite interesting to view another's personality be viewing their list. My daughter's list is very different from mine, and I really get to see the different facets of her personality as I read her "I Like" book.

My list includes things like:
  • Wading down the Green River at Mount Hope Farm in Williamstown (and skipping rocks with all of the flat stones on the bottom)
  • Sitting on a bench at Provincetown's Town Hall and watching the activity around us
  • Learning how to do something new
  • Walking down Elm Street to Jilly's for ice cream on a summer evening (mine will probably be a root beer float)
  • A clean car - inside and out
  • Wearing funny glasses and fake teeth and surprising people
  • Tahiti Restaurant's pu-pu platter, with plenty of duck sauce and the little black flaming kettle
  • Wind chimes
  • The way Maude lived in the movie "Harold and Maude"
  • Oscar night (it's our super bowl!)

Our lists continue to grow, as there are so many little things we like that happen every day.

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Blair said...

This is a great idea! Focusing on all of the small, positive moments and things in life can sometimes be difficult. What a nice way to remind yourself!


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