Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

It's just amazing how long it takes to prepare for Thanksgiving, and just how quickly it's all over!

I'd have to say - I think this was our best one yet. All of the dishes turned out perfectly (brining the turkey is absolutely the way to go), everyone had a leftovers plate to take home, there were no heated political debates, no catastrophes of any kind, and the house was neat and orderly before bedtime. A success in my book.

And, of course, there is so much for all of us to be thankful for. We have jobs and homes, we're healthy, and the country's future is hopeful. I also think my entire family is thankful that I didn't make them do any of the corny table games I usually try - like passing around a basket of interesting questions they have to answer while we dine (it really IS fun, even if they DO groan about it).

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