Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spring Ahead - Fall Back

Yahoo - an extra hour of sleep last night. That sure felt great.

Next, of course, comes the Updating of the Clocks ritual. Which brings me to an intersting topic - Radio Controlled Clocks.

When we redid our kitchen, we needed a clock that was about 12" in diameter, and that would go with the oak and white decor. I did an extensive internet search and finally found one by LaCrosse Technologies - right size, right color, right price.

I placed the order and when it arrived, I read the directions. I had somehow purchased what was called a Radio Controlled Clock! I'd never heard of such a thing and didn't know anything about it.

According to the instructions, I was to insert batteries, choose my time zone, and point the clock toward Colorado! True. Well, I was a bit hesitant (sounded like a lot of hocus pocus), but I did what it said. To my amazement, after a minute or so, the hands of the clock just started going around and around and stopped on the correct time. I'm not kidding.

So, this morning when I got up and did a quick survey of clocks that needed changing, I noticed that the kitchen clock is already all set. Not only does it reset itself twice per year, but it maintains the correct time throughout the year.

I also bought a Spacemaker clock/CD player that mounts under the kitchen cabinet (got to be able to play Edith Piaf or the Buena Vista Social Club while I'm cooking!), which has a nice feature - when we switch to or from Daylight Savings Time, I just press a little button on the side and it resets the clock to the correct time. So, overall, my clock-changing ritual isn't really so bad.

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