Friday, November 21, 2008

Marketing With Social Media

I attended an online webinar today about Marketing With Social Media (or Inbound Marketing), presented by Hubspot. They did a really great job, and spoke mostly about how Facebook factors into the Social Media + Marketing equation.

To start us off, the speakers (Ellie Mirman and Mike Volpe) told us that social media sites like Facebook are a lot like business cocktail parties, but without the restrictions of time or space. Our goal with virtual social networking sites is the same as real business networking events - meet people, make connections, offer input, and seek advice from experts. The slogan on the login page is: "Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life."

Some of the tips I learned about Facebook include:

  • It's an active and growing community; there are over 120 million users this year as opposed to half that only a year ago, making Facebook the 4th most trafficed website on the Internet.
  • To get started as a business on Facebook, we first need to get started as individuals. (Hmmm...I was thinking I was a little old for Facebook, but Ellie and Mike say it's not just for college kids anymore!)
  • We can edit a Facebook profile all we want before it's viewed by others; it only goes live when we hit "publish."
  • Once we've set up a personal page, we can control how much of our personal information is seen by others by adjusting the privacy settings.
  • Our goal with a Facebook page is to build a community through attracting fans, joining groups, participating in discussions, etc.

A couple of success stories we heard about were TripAdvisor, which offers a Where Have You Been interactive travel map for users, and Pizza Hut, which allows users to order their pizza through Facebook, with fabulous results.

Definitely food for thought.

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