Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Parent / Teacher conferences are quite a bit different for parents of high school-age kids.

By the time a student is in 10th grade, they are fairly self-directed and really don't need the same type of help and guidance from a parent as they needed when they were younger kids. So, the discussion with the teacher is much different from those we had in elementary and middle school, especially if the student is a high-performer.

However, my daughter's dad and I feel that it's important to provide parental oversight and support regardless of our daughter's age, so we attend all of these conferences. We had 4 meetings with teachers tonight, all of whom had glowing reports of our fabulous daughter, I'm happy to say!

In fact, one wonderful teacher provided us with a new possibility for our daughter's future that we hadn't considered before! We'll have to explore this idea more to find out as much as we can about it, but it's so terrific when a teacher takes a keen and meaningful interest in a child's potential - insight like this is so helpful to parents, who are trying their best to guide their children toward a bright future.

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