Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ayup - Maine Road Trip

Today was a perfect day to see the coast of Maine before the really cold weather sets in...

From our house, it's about 3 hours across Massachusetts, up across the edge of New Hampshire, and into Maine. (You know you're a New Englander when you measure distance in hours!) Scenic Highway 1 wends its way all along Maine's craggy coastline.

If you go on your own road trip to Maine, here is my advice:
  • Find out ahead of time how to get to any beaches you're interested in exploring; Highway 1 does go along the coast, but you'll have better luck if you have specific directions to a specific beach. A detailed map of the area would work better than a generic Atlas. And, in some instances, the smaller roads get you a bit closer to the water than Route 1. (Does anyone know where all of those gorgeous ROCKY beaches are - maybe up near Mount Desert Island???)

  • Plan on lots of driving along quiet highways; very picturesque, but it does take some time to get to where you're going, especially if there is no passing!

  • Give yourself a couple of days to explore so you have a chance to find all those scenic spots. Maine is HUGE (at least compared to Massachusetts!) and because the highway winds back and forth so much, it takes extra time to travel.
  • You'll be without cell phone service for much of the time, but Maine's very nice Visitor Centers offer public phones.

Now, the question is, where to go next...

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