Saturday, January 24, 2009

4,000 Thousand Questions - #4: Photos

And, here's Question #4: What is your favorite family photo?

My Answer:

Of my family from when I was a kid, I love the photo that was taken on the front lawn at my Grandma Ann's house at 1149 DeForest Street in Schenectady, New York. All 9 of us kids are in the shot except for my brother Garry (I'm not sure where he was that day). It's summer, and we 4 younger girls are all in matching outfits made by my Grandma Ruth; the 3 littler girls are in pinafore style dresses, but, because I'm older, mine is a skirt and top. (My grandmother later remade my outfit into a dress for my doll, Helena - I still have and treasure the doll and the outfit). We're all in our best knee socks and new shoes that were bought for our long ride on the Trailways bus from Manitou Springs, Colarado to Schenectady. My big sister Ruth is in one of her mini skirt outfits that she wore to her job in Albany. And, the boys are in their funky 70's clothes.

Of my family now, I love the photo of my daughter and me at the scenic lookout in the Badlands in South Dakota. We're leaning against the protective railing, and a breathtaking and expansive view is behind us. My daughter is wearing a t-shirt that says "Blonde AND Smart." The shot was taken by a biker dude who was on his way to the big motorcycle rally in Sturgis. I like the shot because it takes me back to one of one of our best adventures ever, and reminds me to keep having more.

Your answer...


Sean said...

I tend not to think in superlatives, and I know I definitely don't have a favorite family photo from my youth.

In terms of the current family, there are only two humans, and getting the rest of the mammals (one dog and two cats) to sit still for a full-family photo so far has eluded us.

We tend to put our favorite photos on the blog, so I'm going to say any of the photos there showing both humans and at least one pet.

I'd put a link here, but after scratching our heads for a while, we realized there is no way to go back through the blog (now over 1,250 posts) just to review the photos, other than to call it up month by month (54 months now, and counting).


LoveANewIdea said...

Have you really been on the Odyssey for 54 months? Holy cow! I've seen your many fabulous blog photos, plus your high-tech and well-made me something to aspire to!


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