Monday, January 12, 2009

More Inauguration Prep

Well, we're making progress! Here's where we left off...and here's what was accomplished this past weekend:
  • The car is scheduled for service on Tuesday evening.
  • I scheduled the mail hold with the post office, and they'll deliver my usual stack of bills on Thursday.
  • There doesn't seem to be any info available on the Sunday welcome event at the Lincoln Memorial; I'll keep checking.
  • We're getting closer to understanding the DC Metro; I purchased 2 commemorative Metro passes online, each loaded with $10, which should cover all fares while we're there. We have a good sense of where to find our Metro stop near our hotel, and which line to ride and where to get off. According to online info, it's just a few minutes walk from our hotel to the Takoma station. Of course this is all theoretical at this point - we'll have to see how it goes in real life!
  • We were one of apparently thousands who were logged in to Ticketmaster to buy $25 parade bleacher seat tickets. All 5,000 tickets were sold in under a minute! I know this first-hand because I was waiting on the Ticketmaster site at 12:59, and must be too slow on the keyboard - by the time I clicked on my selections, it was 1:01, and the tickets were sold out! Looks like we'll be standing around with a million other people.
  • According to the security regulations for the day, any bags we carry must be no larger than 8" x 6" x 4". Yikes - I can't fit ANYTHING into something that small. We may end up buying food and drinks there - I was hoping not to, as I'm sure even a water bottle will be $5 or more. Oh well.
  • Still working on exchanging the binoculars and finding more hand warmers...

PS - Photo above shows where we will NOT be on Inauguration day!

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