Friday, January 2, 2009

The iPod Craze - Now I Get It!

For Christmas, my daughter wanted a new iPod Classic, which meant I could have her old 4 gig Nano. I was happy to be getting it, but not over-the-top excited. That is...until Christmas morning.

She had thoughtfully cleared out her old Nano for me, and put it and its accessories into a box and wrapped it up to put under the tree. So, when I opened it, it was ready to begin using. She helped me buy some songs from iTunes and it was ready to use.

I had also already purchased a new set of earbuds (the ones that originally came with her Nano were shot, as she had tossed them in the sand on White Crest Beach on the Cape because she was hoping to attract the attention of a nearby surfer god...the sand never came out and rattled around inside the earbuds whenever she listened to music...and the surfer god didn't notice her, but she and her friend were checked out by a group of 10-year-olds trying to look buff as they coolly strolled past the 15-year-old girls who were tanning on a blanket).

Anywho...I put the earbuds in after her quick tutorial on basic iPod use - I'm still trying to get the hang of these rotating buttons - and to my surprise, understood in an instant what all the fuss was about. It's really FUN! I know this sounds totally cornball, but with the music of your own choosing coming directly into your ears, for only your listening pleasure, you're one with the music.

Early that morning, after loading entire albums onto the iPod even though I wasn't wild about every song on the album, I made a resolution - no more full albums! I am only going to load songs that I love to listen to. That way, every time a new song comes on, I'll find myself saying, "Oh, I LOVE this song!" So, I deleted several songs that were just so-so, and now only have favorites. So far, I have 25 songs loaded on; here's a sampling of my top favorites (yes, I know...many of these are old fogie songs, but I do love them, and most of them have a special meaning to me):

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