Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inauguration Planning

Okay, seriously...it is time to get some planning done!

Being a Virgo, I've usually got many lists made at this point in the lead-up to a trip. I think I'm behind on this because of the holidays. Not good. So, I'll take a moment now to get my list organized (since this event is ONLY 2 weeks away!!!!!).

Here's what's already been done to prepare for attending the inauguration:
  • Book a DC hotel (at a manageable price).
  • Mapquest the driving route TO and FROM our DC hotel.
  • Buy binoculars.
  • Buy handwarmers and decide what cold-weather gear we'll be bringing.
  • Get a universal charger for use in the car (has a regular outlet for a normal type of wall plug).
  • Review security dos and don'ts for the day.

Here's what still needs to be done:

  • Have the car serviced.
  • Find details on Obama's welcome celebration at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, 1/18.
  • Learn the DC Metro; use Trip Planner to figure out the route from our hotel to the nearest Metro stop on Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Buy commemorative Metro passes (maybe I can get those online?).
  • Decide whether or not to return the binoculars - they're not quite what I expected.
  • Test the strength of the handwarmers, and get more! Also, find out if there is such a thing as a seat warmer (some type of cushion that heats up), and get some of those too.
  • Re-read the regulations about what we can and can't carry to the inauguration.
  • Figure out what type of bag we'll take with us for the day (no backpacks allowed), and what types of food and drinks we'll carry in it.
  • Prep all our electronic devices and chargers.

Yikes - this is coming up waaaaay tooooo fast. I wonder if Obama feels the same way?


Ishmael said...

not fast enough for me!

great blog!

Loveanewidea said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting! Your blog is fabulous.


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