Friday, January 9, 2009

Alphabet of Daily Life - A

I've seen other bloggers use the alphabet as an outline for themed posts, such as favorite movies or local images. One blog that especially inspired me was Katie Bella. I liked it so much that I thought I'd give it a try, with one alphabet letter per post. So, here goes...

A is Airstream Dream:

For several years, I've had aluminum fever. I think Airstreams are THE coolest travelmobiles out there, and long to have one of my own. I have a book called "Airstream Living" which features themed decor Airstream trailers - the wild west, aloha, 50s chic - which I love to drool over. And, last year I joyfully subscribed to "Airstream Life" magazine.

My Airstream Dream is to own a small-ish airstream, like the Sport, and have a high-tech mobile office inside. I'd travel the US part of the week and then stop somewhere to get a feel for the local color. Then, I'd write my syndicated newspaper column/blog/iReport about A Day in the Life of America, where I'd feature stories about the ordinary people I'd met and what was going on in their lives and locale.

I'm not sure if I'd keep my snug little house in the Berkshires or not? Maybe I could rent it out while I traveled but keep it so I'd have a summer house? I don't have that detail worked out yet, but I do have the details of the layout for the inside of my Airstream worked out!

PS - the image in this post is my absolutely adorable airstream Hallmark ornament, complete with a striped pull-out awning (the backdrop is a gorgeous photo in "Airstream Life"). It's far too cute to pack up with the Christmas ornaments; I leave it out so I can remember my Airstream Dream on a daily basis.

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