Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Road Trip

Morning Post:

Today is the momentous day...we head out on the road to DC, along with a million other people.

We've made this drive before, and it's really not too bad. Mapquest says it should take about 7 hours (about 340 miles); I wonder if it will take a lot longer today because of all the other visitors converging on the same destination?

We're leaving about 7:30 am, and it's our usual Road Trip Tradition to head to Lee (our entrance to the Mass Pike), stop at McDonalds for breakfast and a hot tea for the road, then stop at the nearby mini mart so my daughter can get an assortment of drinks and snacks for the car.

But, our trip to DC is taking us in a slightly different direction this morning, and we can't make our usual stop. We have to head over into New York first thing, so today we'll try the mini mart on Elm Street (our everyday errand stop), and eat at the McDonalds on the road out of town.

PS - WEbook...thank you for the "Jan 20 2009 Correspondent" notepad...very cool and much appreciated!

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